Cegedim bridges app development and security divide with F5

Cegedim is a French company specializing in healthcare technology and services. Established in 1969, and with over 4,500 employees in more than 10 countries, it’s a powerful industry player with operations in Europe and in the US – with big plans for future expansion.

The company has always operated on the technological cutting edge. It has no choice; the data it’s responsible for is vital for patient health and of great value to increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

Protecting patient data presents a significant, ongoing challenge for developing, deploying and managing apps with reliability and security. There is no room for error or delay when you’re responsible for highly sensitive information like healthcare records, hospital management systems and personal healthcare applications. To stay ahead of the curve, Cegedim knew it needed a platform capable of delivering end-to-end app security – irrespective of location or cloud environment – while also giving its developers the freedom to innovate, upgrade apps and move at a rapid pace.

As more healthcare information moves online, both patients and healthcare professionals expect to access information – including patient records – on any device and from any location.

Choosing the right technology

After considering multiple vendors, Cegedim turned to F5 for its reputation and strong track record of providing end-to-end application security across multiple platforms and cloud environments.   

Cegedim overhauled its systems by introducing F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM) to enhance its security posture and optimize the delivery of its applications to customers. BIG-IP LTM not only improved Cegedim’s ability to develop customized applications for different healthcare providers, but it also provided greater application services flexibility, which allowed customers to benefit from cloud configurations and deployment options most aligned with their shifting business needs.

Cegedim also deployed F5® BIG-IP® Application Security Manager™ (ASM) to provide a flexible web application firewall that could secure applications in its traditional, virtual, and private cloud environments. It helps Cegedim secure applications against advanced threats and enable compliance for key regulatory mandates.

Peace of mind with managed security services

Cegedim bolstered its defenses with F5 Silverline Managed Services. F5® Silverline® DDoS Protection is a managed cloud-scrubbing service delivered via the F5 Silverline cloud-based platform. The solution mitigates large-scale, SSL and application-targeted attacks in real-time. This allows Cegedim to defend its customers against attacks exceeding hundreds of gigabits per second.  

Cegedim is also protected against Denial of Service attacks for OSI layer 3 to 7, as well as those specifically targeting the DNS infrastructure or SSL negotiations, giving it customers the highest possible level of DoS protection.

F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF) enables Cegedim to augment its in-house resources and decrease operational expenses with a service that’s set up, deployed, and maintained by certified experts in F5’s Security Operations Center (SOC).  

Another key operation benefit was how F5's solutions dynamically interact with the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) function at Cegedim’s own SOC. This process ensured Cegedim can significantly reduce transactional web application risks for its customers.

A new way of working

F5 provided Cegedim’s IT teams with a simplified web interface that enables both Dev and Ops teams to benefit from integrated security and testing services. Employees can log in via a secure management platform and start working on a collaborative project with a few clicks, all without slowing down development or implementation cycles.

Users do not have to fill in complicated settings, but rather choose the most appropriate configuration for their needs.

Ultimately, F5 has helped change Cegedim’s culture for the better improving collaboration between teams.

“The sales teams are now more confident with audits request by a customer and the Dev, Ops, DevOps and security teams have never been happier working together,” said Jérôme Dury, CTO for Cegedim.

With its newfound agility, Cegedim was able to onboard customers much faster and achieve a remarkable 90% gain in productivity. Time-to-market has been significantly slashed and Cegedim’s market share continues to grow.

“Developing applications for the healthcare industry is a mission critical task,” added Dury. “With F5, we’ve been able to massively speed up application deployment for our clients while simultaneously boosting security and reliability.”

  • Consistent security policy across multple enviornments
  • Slow development and deployment cycles
  • Protecting against sophisticated attacks, including DDoS

  • Improved cross-team collaboration
  • Faster customer onboarding process
  • 90% gain in productivity