F5 on Microsoft Azure

F5 provides industry-leading security, performance, and availability solutions for business-critical apps on Azure cloud.

Why F5 on Microsoft Azure

Whether you want to deploy F5 application services in front of individual or multiple apps, you can:

Simplify Migration and Deployment on Azure

Automate application delivery and security in a highly agile environment.

Secure Azure Workloads

Gain visibility and detailed analytics for your Azure apps from one central location to protect against even the most sophisticated threats.

Ensure Trusted Access

Implement multi-cloud service consistency across your entire application portfolio through Azure Active Directory.

Customer Story


Causeway Capital Management to Simplify Deployment and Save Time with F5 NGINX as a Service for Azure

Learn how Causeway Capital Management simplified app deployment across the data center and the Azure Cloud.

How F5 Helps

Bridge the identity gap between cloud-based, SaaS, and on-premises applications

Authenticating and securing user access to applications across devices and environments is complex. Simplify management of cloud-based access with centralized authentication policies and single sign-on.

Protect strategic business outcomes with Azure Security Center integration

Your application data is your business’ most valuable asset. Today’s fast-evolving threats often evade traditional defenses. Protect your data and your business—think app security first.

Mitigate fraud without frustrating your customers

Security must adapt to attackers who retool to bypass countermeasures—without frustrating users. React quickly to slash fraud losses, improve customer experiences, and maximize operational efficiencies.

F5 and Azure Industry Use Cases