S/Gi Firewall for Service Providers

The Challenge

As service providers migrate to fully IP-based networks, such as 4G LTE, their networks become more vulnerable to intrusions and attacks. Service providers must constantly defend against security threats to ensure their network is always available. Unfortunately, this increases costs and operational complexity, while negatively affecting network performance and the subscriber experience.

The Solution

BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) defends your network infrastructure and mobile subscribers from attacks, regardless of their source. This capability includes mitigation of large-scale DDoS attacks such as network floods, port scans and sweeps, or connection floods. By detecting and stopping these types of attacks, BIG-IP AFM prevents congestion and overloading of the control and bearer planes. BIG-IP platforms are also designed with specialized hardware to accelerate DDoS protection.

BIG-IP AFM is an ICSA Labs Certified firewall solution, and offers the protection of a full-proxy firewall—it fully terminates and inspects incoming client connections before they ever reach your network.

F5 Helps You:
  • Protect your core infrastructure with a high-performance, highly scalable firewall
  • Defend your network against DDoS attacks across all layers
Diagram of S/Gi Firewall Protection