Bridging the Divide: Modern API Management

Today, APIs are everywhere. Mobile apps, cloud services, IoT devices, and social media all communicate and exchange data via APIs. They are key to successful application integration strategies, as well as application modernization initiatives using microservices.

But managing those APIs is no easy feat. You need to do so across their full lifecycle—which includes defining and publishing them, as well as securing and managing API traffic. You also have to monitor and troubleshoot performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Register now for part three of our webinar series—Bridging the Divide: Modern API Management.

Learn how F5 and NGINX can help you achieve full API lifecycle management across multi-cloud environments for both traditional and modern apps. 

In the webinar and demo, we will cover:

  • Creating and publishing APIs
  • Securing APIs and backends
  • Troubleshooting API performance and security issues
  • Boosting developer productivity with a policy-driven approach



Jon Calalang

Jon Calalang
Senior Specialist Systems Engineer

Karthik Krishnaswamy

Karthik Krishnaswamy
Director of Product Marketing

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