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By working in tandem with fraud teams in unprecedented ways. Forging a stronger working relationship between these two departments, which already share common goals, will improve effectiveness and efficiency. Combined with the right F5 solution, this collaboration will establish a powerful, united front against attacks. ​That’s the power of two.  ​Check out some of our recent insights into the major issues facing security and fraud teams.​

Bad Bots: The First Step to Committing Fraud

Good bots improve the user experience. Bad bots improve the odds of your network getting hacked or worse. Knowing the difference between the two is more important than ever. In this infographic, we show you the good and bad of bots, including how bad bots work, how you can stop them, and why you need security and fraud teams working together to win the battle against bad bots.

Attacker Economics for Financial Institutions

Cyberattacks are not only on the rise, but they are becoming more relentless. Learn the economics of today’s most prevalent cyber threats and how you can use those economics to demotivate attackers.


Deter Sophisticated Fraud and Abuse with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Credential Stuffing: Why It's Here To Stay

F5 provides a comprehensive set of security solutions designed to protect sensitive financial date with a zero-trust approach and powerful visibility tools. Learn the latest attack trends and tools for understanding and disprupting sophisticated attackers who retool against your countermeasures. 

Cyberattacks at Banks and Financial Services Organizations

Analyzing the top reported security incidents at financial organizations, this article examines the data on cyberattack incidents to provide a deeper understanding of the threats facing them, and how to defend against these attacks.

Top Ten North American Bank Eliminates Credential Stuffing

An ongoing series of attacks on their web and mobile login applications led a top Canadian bank to try a bot mitigation tool—but the attackers adapted within hours and kept up their efforts 24/7. Learn how F5 was brought in during an unprecedented increase in credential stuffing to successfully defend their applications.

Fraud and security solutions to make the ride easier for both teams


It’s all about providing an end-to-end solution for stopping the most common and high-impact attacks. That means preventing account takeovers and account creation fraud, eliminating the costs associated with fraud, and delivering more value. Our solutions focus on what matters now: Building a proactive defense while reducing the burden on fraud teams and achieving common goals with security teams. Learn more about the solutions that leverage our AI and ML system.

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Know the good users from the bad actors with Distributed Cloud Bot Defense. Protect every application from attack, fraud, and abuse in real time, manage access to your applications, and collect new data for customer and business insights. For added convenience, this solution fits right into your existing infrastructure.

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence

Put the power of machine learning and analytics insights to work, so that you can identify returning, known users of your website in real time. Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence helps you eliminate the hassle of excessive logins and reauthentication, so you can provide a secure login experience and help safely drive increases in online revenue.

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection

Improve the customer experience and increase revenue by blocking fraud in real time across the entire user journey with the Distributed Cloud Account Protection. Reduce friction for legitimate consumers by up to 90% and take the burden off fraud teams with this powerful AI tool.

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