How to Migrate and Modernize Legacy Applications in Banking

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Banking and financial services organizations face an uphill battle to keep pace with customer expectations for seamless, personalized experiences online and on mobile devices.

To meet this demand, you may wrangle with complex legacy development processes, a difficult regulatory environment, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer behavior. To top it off, fintech is pulling customers away from traditional banking and financial services companies.

In this edition of Meet the Expert, DevOps specialist Gee Chow and cloud architect Roy Muermann will discuss how your industry peers are handling these challenges—and give practical advice on clear steps you can take.

Watch this O'Reilly on-demand webinar to explore:

Best approaches to migrate your legacy applications to modern infrastructure. (Like optimizing container management and automating app delivery.)

How to integrate new functionality. (Such as managing and securing APIs in modern digital experiences.) 

Latest security methodologies to develop apps and protect vulnerabilities. (In other words, DevSecOps.)