Testing in the Hundred Microservices World, when the Pyramid Becomes an Hourglass

Isa Vilacides, Director, Productivity & Quality Engineering at CloudBees

In her keynote at NGINX Conf 2018, Isa describes how her team went from testing monolithic applications (with its challenges) to testing integrations of hundreds of microservices. They found that a microservices architecture comes at a price: brittle, slow, and infrastructure‑dependent tests.

Isa answers questions like: how can you have robust, fast, reliable, and well‑scoped tests? How can you be the first one to know about problems in production? And how can you guarantee a rollout plan that affects the fewest customers possible if something goes wrong? Isa describes her journey at Atlassian and CloudBees to develop a testing strategy that protected customers in the face of dozens of releases per day of different services at the same time.

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