Reading NGINX CHANGES Together

Maxim Dounin, Developer at NGINX, Inc.

What's new in NGINX recently? While this question is easily answered with a simple "try reading CHANGES", in some cases just reading might not be enough – and nobody tries to read it anyway. Even those who have actually read it might benefit from some background on why the changes were introduced and from more details on how to use them properly.

In his session at NGINX Conf 2018, Maxim summarizes various new features and changes in the NGINX 1.13.x branch (now available in the stable 1.14.x branch). In particular, he discusses:

  • Basic TLS 1.3 support
  • The gRPC proxy module (ngx_http_grpc_module)
  • The Mirror module (ngx_http_mirror_module)
  • HTTP/2 server push
  • Monotonic clock support

He also covers what is being developed in the current mainline branch (1.15.x), including:

  • Deprecation of the ssl directive
  • The Random load‑balancing algorithm
  • Upstream keepalive timeout and requests limiting
  • TLSv1.3 early data support

The session concludes as everyone reads through CHANGES together (and with expression!) and takes a look at some examples on how to use new features properly.

Next Steps