How to Survive and Thrive on Your Journey Through Digital Disruption

Margaret Dawson, VP, Products and Technologies at Red Hat

In her keynote at NGINX Conf 2018, Margaret describes how every organization is undergoing a transformation. In this journey, the technology choices we make, our architectural decisions, and the pace at which we deliver IT services determine whether we make the business impact required to succeed. No one escapes digital disruption, but we can get ahead of it or even create our own waves of disruption in our market. Based on her work with enterprises and governments worldwide, Margaret cuts through the hype around digital transformation and focuses on how organizations are thinking and moving into next‑generation architectures, agile processes, and collaborative cultures. Through real‑world examples, she discusses the market dynamics and what it takes to be a digital leader. Whether you’re a digital laggard or in the middle of a major transformation, Margaret provides fresh ideas and new perspectives.

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