BIG-IP Container Ingress Services

Increase scalability, reliability, redundancy, and ease of administration through a fully automated process.

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Enable Advanced Application Services Across Your Container Environment

Faster deployment and end-to-end visibility

Faster deployment and end-to-end visibility

Speed deployments with predefined BIG-IP templates and support for the Application Services 3 Extension. Gain visibility, observability, and analytics via data stream export to third-party solutions for fast resolution of anomalies and on-demand statistics.

  • Predefined Templates - Configure PaaS and container integrations using standardized templates, delivering consistent policies across established and emerging app architectures.
  • Complete Visibility and Observability - A rich set of L4-L7 stats of all container traffic and enhances app insights via data-stream export to analytics platforms like Splunk.
  • Cluster Networking - Seamless integration into overlay technology such as OpenShift SDN, Flannel VXLAN and Host-GW, and Calico for fast cluster networking.

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating Container Ingress Services

Use native Kubernetes or OpenShift tools

F5 BIG-IP Container Ingress Services (CIS) lets you manage your F5 BIG-IP device from Kubernetes or OpenShift using either environment’s native CLI/API. CIS is a cloud-native connector that can use either Kubernetes or OpenShift as a BIG-IP orchestration platform. CIS watches the Kubernetes API for specially formatted resources and updates the BIG-IP system configuration accordingly.

CIS installation is based on the resources (for example: ConfigMap, Ingress, Routes, and CRD) used by the customer to expose the Kubernetes services. 

RedHat OpenShift is the Kubernetes platform that provides a foundation for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments.

Core Capabilities

Leverage dynamic application services integration for containerized environments with F5 Container Ingress Services.

Ingress control for application services of HTTP routing, load balancing, security, and programmability in containerized environments.

Enable rapid deployment of application services in containerized environments.

Subscribe to container events to automatically scale and secure your apps.

Simplify policy management with standardized templates. Use Helm charts for repeatable Kubernetes deployments.

Support Blue/Green deployments for multiple app versions in production, and A/B traffic management in dev and test environments.

Enable greater flexibility and usability during configurations by using pre-existing policies and profiles for OpenShift routes.

Improve user experience and productivity by avoiding annotations sprawl on Ingress and Route Services.

Enables DevOps teams to rapidly deploy secure, high-performance apps by utilizing CIS and NGINX with F5 IngressLink.

Platform Support and Integrations

Manage BIG-IP from Kubernetes or OpenShift

F5 BIG-IP Container Ingress Services (CIS) lets you manage your F5 BIG-IP device from Kubernetes or OpenShift using either environment’s native CLI/API.

F5 Container Ingress Services (CIS) for OpenShift provides seamless management and integration of BIG-IP. Benefits include:

  • Certified images
  • Fully containerized
  • Continuous vulnerability scans
  • Collaborative support



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