Alibaba Cloud Support – Extending F5’s Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

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Tom Atkins
Published April 10, 2019

Rewind three, maybe four years and the concept of multi-cloud was for the most part in its infancy. Very few businesses, if any, had the desire or need to adopt multiple cloud platforms, let alone the skillset or experience to actually go ahead and do it. The same can’t be said however for modern day enterprises as they branch out into new cloud environments, led by application developers on the hunt for innovation, agility and the perfect home for their next app. And that’s the way it should be, application teams should be able to adopt whichever cloud platform is deemed best suited to individual applications, unimpeded by NetOps or SecOps teams concerns around performance, security or compliance.

At F5 our mission is to secure and optimize every app, anywhere. Continuing to deliver against this goal, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to F5’s extensive multi-cloud ecosystem, with the addition of the Alibaba Cloud. In doing so, F5 customers can continue to implement the industry’s most trusted and advanced application services in yet another cloud environment. With consistent services and policies in the Alibaba Cloud and across all other supported cloud environments, operations teams can comfortably secure and optimize any app while providing developers the architectural flexibility to pick and choose their cloud of choice. Not only that, but with consistent services F5 also empowers businesses to move and migrate workloads between environments more easily and at any time, helping to prevent vendor lock-in.

Available direct from the Alibaba Cloud International Marketplace (not to be confused with the AliYun Marketplace which is native to the China region of Alibaba Cloud), F5 Virtual Editions (VE) provide everything from intelligent traffic management and performance optimization, to access and identity management and advanced application security. VE Instances can be deployed with associated throughputs of either 25M, 200M or 1G depending on your business requirements, and can be consumed through BYOL, ELA, Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go Marketplace licenses. What’s more, you can try our solutions out on the Alibaba Cloud free of charge (at least on our end anyway) by taking advantage of our 30-day free trial license.

For more information on F5 on Alibaba Cloud, take a look at this overview or visit the Marketplace directly.