Connecting Poland’s Schools with Fast, Free, Secure Internet Service

The Nationwide Educational Network (OSE) is a public telecommunications network program that gives schools all over Poland the ability to connect to fast, free, and secure internet services. Activities undertaken by the OSE ensures the elimination of digital exclusion areas and aims to provide equal educational opportunities for all pupils.

The operator of the program, NASK, used select F5 solutions to create the OSE.

  • Leveraging a public telecommunications network based on existing, commercially built and publicly funded broadband infrastructure
  • Ensuring consistent security policies for all devices connected to the OSE
  • Handling the huge volume of decryption required, and being able to filter out traffic from sources not requiring analysis

  • Enhanced ability to manage and secure schools’ network traffic
  • Reduced hardware footprint
  • Enabled efficient and flexible network traffic decryption and re-encryption
  • Provided ability to control traffic for throughputs above 200 Gbps in regional hubs