F5 and Promon enable customers to implement the full functionality of F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense quickly and easily for mobile apps through Promon’s no-code, hassle-free SDK integration platform.

Use Cases

Secure your most valued assets—your applications and sensitive data—from malicious bots, automated attacks, account takeover, web scrapers, and exploits aimed at mobile apps.

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Account Takeover

Protect against compromised accounts.

Credential Stuffing

Avoid testing of compromised credentials.

Checkout Abuse

Detect automated abuse in checkout pages.

Web Scraping

Prevent automated collection of data.

Inventory Hoarding

Improve customer trust with available inventory.

Gift Card Cracking

Block card checking brute force attacks.

Why F5 and Promon?

Through the F5 and Promon partnership, you can protect your mobile apps within minutes by injecting the Distributed Cloud Defense Mobile SDK via Promon’s no-code, hassle-free SDK Integrator.

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Global Money Transfer Service Foils Fraudsters, Avoids Outages

Learn how a global money transfer service stopped fraudsters and avoided outages with Distributed Cloud Bot Defense and Distributed Cloud Defense Mobile SDK.

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Distributed Cloud Defense Mobile SDK with Promon SDK Integrator

Simplify Distributed Cloud Defense Mobile SDK integration with Promon

Through this new partnership, customers can implement Distributed Cloud Bot Defense with ease in Mobile Apps with Promon SDK Integrator. It’s a no-code and hassle-free SDK integration platform that will deploy the Distributed Cloud Defense Mobile SDK within minutes into your mobile apps. See how to protect against malicious bots, automated attacks, web scrapers & exploits.

Distributed Cloud Defense Mobile SDK

Implement rapid deployment of advanced mobile security solutions without a complex development or installation process.

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App Shielding

Harden application code at rest and during runtime with Promon SHIELDTM

When your app is shielded, it becomes self-protecting in any environment in which it is released. Promon’s complementary solution, Promon SHIELD™ , is purpose-built to enhance your mobile security strategy.

Promon SHIELD™

Promon SHIELD™ is a security technology that offers multi-layered app protection beyond what the operating system or normal best practice can do.

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Bot Management for Salesforce


F5 and Promon Have Partnered to Protect Native Mobile Applications from Automated Bots—Easily

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Salesforce and Distributed Cloud Bot Defense


Promon and F5 Team Up to Protect Mobile Apps and their Data

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Protect Apps and the Business


Promon announces partnership with F5 to simplify mobile SDK integration.

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