Epic Applications Secured by F5 WAF

F5’s industry leading web application firewall can now secure your Epic healthcare information and reduce impacts to patient care caused by cybersecurity vulnerabilities and breaches.

Why F5 and Epic?

Customers can now secure their Epic applications with F5’s industry leading security solutions and features.

Customizable Policies

Validated, declarative policies can be easily customized for your organization to fine-tune WAF settings.

Centralized Management

Maintain a consistent security posture with centralized policy management across applications.

Fast Deployment

Combine policies with F5 Application Services Templates (FAST) to automate deployment.

How F5 Helps

Protect healthcare data and Epic applications

Defend your Epic applications against security threats like DDoS stacks, bad bots, OWASP Top 10, API attacks, and credential stuffing.

Scale your Epic deployments safely

Add new modules without increasing your security risk from complex configurations, slow deployments, and inconsistent changes with F5 Applications Services Templates.




Secure your Epic applications in a flash with F5 FAST templates and declarative WAF policies. F5 customers can leverage FAST templates to configure WAF policies to protect Epic applications from security vulnerabilities..