Adobe Commerce Security Integration with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

F5’s industry leading Distributed Cloud cybersecurity and fraud mitigation for Adobe Commerce applications.

Use Cases

Secure your Adobe Commerce store by leveraging F5’s proven approach to solving today’s most sophisticated cybersecurity and fraud challenges – empowering you to deliver exceptional and secure digital engagements.

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Account Takeover

Protect against compromised accounts.

Credential Stuffing

Avoid testing of compromised credentials.

Inventory Hoarding

Improve customer trust with available inventory.

Continuous Authentication

Save customers from re-authentication distress.

Web Scraping

Prevent automated collection of data.

Checkout Abuse

Stop chargebacks and fraud losses.

Why F5 and Adobe Commerce?

Customers can now access F5’s industry leading Distributed Cloud (XC) Bot Defense, Account Protection, and Authentication Intelligence services directly and easily on Adobe Commerce.

The turnkey integration enables Adobe Commerce customers to quickly deploy XC Services and take immediate security actions to protect their digital businesses against malicious bots and fraud – all while elevating their good users’ experiences.

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F5 Helps Q2 Block 97% of Malicious Traffic

Learn how Q2, a leading provider of digital banking and lending solutions to financial institutions, used the security automation in F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense to provide stronger security without disrupting the customer experience.

F5 Protects Your Adobe Commerce Applications

Stop Automated Attacks

Increase customers’ e-commerce engagement by protecting them against fraudulent bot attacks

Now you can secure your customers’ digital experiences and defend against automated attacks with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense, which is fast, intelligent, and secure. 

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Bot Defense protects against malicious bots and automated attacks. Ensure safe, fast, and seamless user experiences.

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Stop Malicious Bots for Good

With the highest efficacy and near-zero false positives, Bot Defense protects your customers from account takeover attacks while maintaining access for good bots.


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Download the Distributed Cloud Services integration from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace under Fraud and Security.

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