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NuCorder Empowers New Era of Live Online Music and Art Collaboration

Vincent Lavergne, Vice President for EMEA Solutions Engineering at F5, recently caught up with the founders of NuCorder for a live online jam session and to learn more about their pioneering artist collaboration platform (including how NGINX is playing a supporting role in bringing it all to life).


Live artistic collaborations from remote locations have boomed in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, creating new opportunities for performance, rehearsal, and recording.

Paris-based NuCorder is a powerful example of one of the new businesses making waves in this fast-moving space, and has generated strong industry buzz since launching its free beta platform in March 2020.

NuCorder’s unique selling point is simple: create an environment as close as humanly possible to a live setting and let the performers do their thing. Originally developed for musicians, it also has applications for other artists looking to create collaborative content from afar.

In the video above, NuCorder co-founder François Caste and CTO Stanislas Michalak quickly demonstrate the technology and provide additional context on how the platform came to be, as well as how F5 and NGINX help bring everything together.

To find out more about NuCorder, visit: https://www.nucorder.fr/

For additional insights on NGINX’s solutions, visit https://www.nginx.com/