Defeat BOT Attacks with NEW Silverline Shape Defense Managed Service


Today’s applications have become the fabric of our economies and our lives.  Applications are how value is exchanged and where the most sensitive data is stored.  And that’s precisely why applications have become the focal point for cybercriminals, who target your applications for financial fraud and abuse. 

In this webinar, learn how Silverline Shape Defense – the newest solution in F5’s Silverline managed services portfolio – protects your web apps from bots and other automated attacks by delivering continuous protection, even when attackers retool. 

We will discuss tactics to help you: 

  • Slash losses due to fraud and abuse 
  • Deliver better application performance and uptime
  • Achieve measurable cost savings for hosting and bandwidth costs
  • Prevent sophisticated attacks including those on the OWASP Automated Threats to Web Applications list
  • Detect and mitigate vulnerability exploits and denial-of-service attacks  



Luke Lehman

Luke Lehman

Product Manager
F5 Silverline

Brian Uffelman

Brian Uffelman

Product Marketing
Shape Security

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