Adopting Container-as-a-Service for Hybrid Cloud Security


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If your organization is like most, you’re shifting your cloud strategy to a multi-cloud environment and adopting more containers, microservices, and cloud-native technologies. Unfortunately, this can leave you with an incomplete view of how they’re performing. And without dedicated resources focused on securing and monitoring, your clusters are prone to errors, breaches, or worse.

Don’t leave security as an afterthought; the risk is simply too high. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard. Join us to learn how F5 Distributed Cloud solutions give you the power to focus on developing applications, as well as correlate real-time analytics with cloud infrastructure and end-user experience. You’ll also get to know our core Container-as-a-Service offerings.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Getting visibility into Kubernetes components and CI/CD pipelines

Tapping into automatic discovery of Kubernetes workloads

Securing multi-cloud environments at scale - Leveraging generic compute in a scalable API-driven design



Michael Coleman
Sr. Solutions Architect


Shaun Empie
Principle Solutions Engineer