Google Cloud Next ’24 Showcases the Future of App and API Security

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Beth McElroy
Published May 09, 2024

F5 was excited to be part of Google Cloud Next ’24 in Las Vegas in April. Tens of thousands of people attended, all seeking to learn the latest about Google Cloud and its many partners.

F5 offers more than 50 solutions in the Google Cloud Marketplace

Not surprisingly, AI was a key theme at this year’s conference and the subject of many of Google Cloud’s 218 announcements. The Gemini family of AI models was front and center, offering a new generation of AI assistants along with AI tools for developers, cloud teams, security teams, and data analysts.

These new features and technology are paving the way for the next generation of powerful apps and user experiences. Through our partnership with Google Cloud, F5 is ready to secure and connect your apps today and tomorrow. We provide more than 50 solutions in the Google Cloud Marketplace to help you deliver, protect, and modernize apps.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the event, F5 shared interactive demos in our booth, which was one of the most trafficked booths for lead count, to show how F5 Distributed Cloud Services and NGINX complement Google Cloud services with automation, security, and performance. Our demos included:

  • Protecting web apps everywhere
  • How to mitigate API threats
  • Bot and fraud protection
  • Connecting apps and clouds in a multicloud environment
A peek at our demo showing F5 Distributed Cloud Services with a hybrid Google Cloud environment.

Frictionless security to help you prosper

F5 and Google Cloud have a common goal of providing frictionless security for our customers and their users. That means we secure apps and APIs without adding obstacles for legitimate users. This proficiency is most apparent through solutions such as F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense and Google reCAPTCHA that block malicious bots without the frustration of traditional bot mitigation methods.

F5 also eases friction for your security and IT teams by reducing complexity. Your teams no longer need to manage duplicate toolsets for each environment. F5 solutions work the same in Google Cloud as in other clouds or on premises. That’s not just for security, either—F5 Distributed Cloud multicloud networking makes it easy to connect your apps on Google Cloud with other sites while adding security and visibility across your entire distributed environment.

Securing AI applications with AI

Your possibilities are endless with Google Cloud’s new AI models. But even the most advanced technology still needs security. That’s why F5 is developing our own new technologies to make it easier and safer to use AI.

Earlier in 2024, we announced the F5 AI Data Fabric, a collection of services designed to help generate insights from massive amounts of data from products across our portfolio. This data isn’t limited to just analytics—it can even be used to train and deploy machine learning models to better secure and optimize apps.

At the heart of the F5 AI Data Fabric is an ecosystem that helps makes AI more accessible to our developers and users. This approach can ease the process of augmenting more offerings with AI, which enables us to respond to new threats faster and to better protect your AI-powered applications.

Delivering Fast, Available, and Secure Apps

Whether your apps are traditional, modern, or AI-enhanced, F5 offers software and services to keep them fast, available, and secure. We haven’t forgotten industry-specific needs, either. Our partnership with Google Cloud includes solutions for financial services, government, healthcare, media, and telecommunications. We’ll continue to innovate together to make multicloud, and now AI, ridiculously easy.

If you want to know more about what F5 and Google Cloud are doing together, check out our partnership page or explore our many solutions on the Google Cloud Marketplace.