F5 Wins Multiple 2023 PeerSpot Tech Leader Awards

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Greg Maudsley
Published September 08, 2023

F5 is proud to announce that the company has been granted multiple 2023 PeerSpot Tech Leader awards.

F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) was named a PeerSpot Tech Leader for Application Delivery Controllers (ADC); F5 BIG-IP Advanced WAF was named a PeerSpot Tech Leader for Web Application Firewall (WAF); and F5 NGINX Plus was named a PeerSpot Tech Leader for Application Infrastructure.

These honors are extended to just the top three solutions in the ADC, WAF, and Application Infrastructure categories on the PeerSpot Buying Intelligence Platform.

The PeerSpot Tech Leader award winners include the top three products in over 100 solution categories based on in-depth, verified reviews from real users over a 12-month period. According to PeerSpot, Tech Leader-winning products represent the best in their solution category according to verified reviewer insights and experience. The ranking methodology considers the number of reviews, views, and comparisons for each product, as well as overall ratings, and words per review.

F5 BIG-IP LTM intelligently manages network traffic so applications are always reliable, secure, and optimized. BIG-IP LTM keeps apps available and performing through all scenarios of traffic demands, ensuring users have anytime-access to the apps they require. With the ability to dramatically scale and meet app and network demands, BIG-IP LTM improves load times and user experience, while empowering organizations to control traffic with rule customization and programmability. It also protects the entire user experience by encrypting everything from client to server. BIG-IP LTM delivers industry-leading SSL/TLS performance and visibility for inbound and outbound traffic. It provides Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection. It also integrates with data loss protection (DLP) and virus protection. BIG-IP LTM delivers detailed metrics and analytics to help maintain and improve network and application performance.

F5 BIG-IP Advanced WAF protects apps, APIs, and data against today’s most dangerous attacks, including zero-day vulnerabilities, app-layer DoS attacks, threat campaigns, application takeover (ATO), bots, and more. BIG-IP Advanced WAF identifies and blocks attacks other WAFs miss. It applies behavioral analytics, mitigates layer 7 DoS attacks, encrypts sensitive application-layer data, applies threat intelligence services, and secures APIs. BIG-IP Advanced WAF delivers a dedicated, dynamic dashboard to ensure compliance against threats listed in the OWASP Top 10; provides guided configurations for common WAF use cases; includes a learning engine and enables customized policies to be built; and allows granular security policies to be created for microservices and APIs. Deployable across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments in various forms, BIG-IP Advanced WAF delivers a robust suite of sophisticated protections while enabling security automation.

Modern application infrastructure and development teams love deploying and using NGINX Plus. NGINX Plus is a cloud-native, easy-to-use reverse proxy, load balancer, and API gateway—all with unparalleled technical support. NGINX Plus includes everything customers love about NGINX Open Source, but with enterprise-grade features like high availability (HA), active health checks, DNS system discovery, session persistence, and a RESTful API. NGINX Plus can integrate advanced monitoring, strengthen security controls, and orchestrate Kubernetes containers. It supports debugging and diagnosing complex application architectures through monitoring. Active health checks proactively poll upstream server status to get ahead of issues, and the integrated live activity monitoring dashboard provides a single-pane view of the entire application environment. Also, the NGINX Plus API enables integration with existing tools, optimizing resources, and reducing tool sprawl.

PeerSpot’s Buying Intelligence Platform is powered by a worldwide community of enterprise tech buyers. PeerSpot provides in-depth reviews, online forums, direct Q&A support, and more, helping industry professionals make more informed business and IT decisions.

Recognition like this based on actual users of F5 products, such as BIG-IP LTM, BIG-IP Advanced WAF, and NGINX Plus, reflects the business value customers gain with F5.

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