Buying Your F5 Solutions Through AWS Marketplace to Save Time and Money

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Dave Morrissey
Published October 20, 2023

Simplifying your purchase and deployment of IT solutions can save time, alleviate frustration, and increase profitability for your organization. According to a recent survey, cloud service provider (CSP) marketplaces are gaining popularity due to the ease of integration and governance. 32% of CXO respondents expect to spend more with CSP marketplaces in 2023 than they spent in 2022.

The AWS Marketplace makes procurement, deployment, and governance easier. Thousands of F5 customers have purchased solutions through AWS Marketplace—from the 80+ F5 solutions available on the AWS digital storefront. Read on to learn how buying through AWS can significantly benefit your business.

Accelerate Deployments with Solution Quality Assurance

The quality and reliability of your IT solutions is a primary concern that AWS addresses with rigorous validation processes on all marketplace solutions to reduce risk and help accelerate time to value for your business. AWS validates the functionality, security, compliance, and compatibility of F5 solutions, ensuring that they meet specific criteria and best practices.

AWS Marketplace provides a streamlined and user-friendly procurement process. You can easily search, discover, compare, and evaluate different F5 solutions directly from the AWS Marketplace. This eliminates the need for long, drawn-out procurement lifecycles and custom pricing agreements. The standardized terms, transparent pricing, and clear product descriptions make it easy to acquire F5 solutions quickly.

F5 solutions listed on AWS Marketplace come with preconfigured Amazon Machine Images (AMI) or AWS CloudFormation templates, enabling fast, reliable, and automated deployments. This automation simplifies and speeds up the deployment of your F5 solutions, ensuring consistency and reducing manual configuration errors.

Consume Cloud Commits with Flexible Licensing and Discounts

You can  benefit from the highly flexible licensing models that are available for F5 on AWS, including the F5 Flex Consumption Program (FCP), Bring Your Own License (BYOL), and Pay as You Go (PAYG) consumption via AWS Marketplace. The pricing models vary slightly. BYOL is managed outside of the AWS Marketplace through an external billing relationship that you maintain directly with F5.

In contrast, PAYG is consumption-based, and your usage is added to your AWS invoice, simplifying financial management. This consolidated billing and usage tracking provides a comprehensive view of costs, allowing you to monitor and optimize expenses more efficiently.

Customers can also use the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) to optimize costs and deduct spend when purchasing F5 solutions through the AWS Marketplace. This streamlines the procurement process by making use of already approved and allocated funds—a significant advantage of AWS Marketplace.

This discounted pricing program also provides volume-based discounts for large-scale AWS deployments. Organizations that commit to a predetermined annual AWS spend are eligible for contractually outlined discounts through the EDP. Discounts vary based on spending commitments but generally come in around 9%—which could lead to significant cost savings for your enterprise.

Create Effective Programs with Training and Consulting

Consulting and training services are also available from F5 in AWS Marketplace. To reduce friction for people purchasing consulting or educational services, F5 has created easy-to-use training units. Customers can buy and apply them to any F5 professional services listing on the digital catalog of software, data, and services without the need to track back to a specific product purchase.

Simplify Procurement, Deployment, and Management

F5 and AWS are dedicated to helping deliver accelerated time to value for your enterprise by simplifying the procurement and deployment processes of F5 solutions. To learn more about the F5 partnership with AWS, visit the technology alliance page, and explore these links to learn more about F5 solutions on AWS Marketplace and F5 NGINX solutions on AWS Marketplace.