DNS Management Just Got Easier with General Availability of Primary DNS Service on F5 Cloud DNS

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Published April 22, 2021

Today at Agility we are excited to announce the general availability of F5 Cloud DNS – Primary DNS Service, a SaaS-based DNS service providing high availability for your public DNS domains.

Late last year, we announced the Preview of our Primary DNS service. Since then, we’ve added additional DNS Resource records and the ability to import an existing DNS zone into our service, further simplifying operations.

As enterprises realize that they need a DNS solution capable of supporting their adaptive applications, they look for solutions that match their need for automation, speed, and ability to respond to infrastructure changes in seconds rather than hours. F5 Cloud DNS fits into DevOps processes, helping to speed new application rollouts by adding DNS updates seamlessly into those processes.

A modern DNS service like F5 Cloud DNS offers you Internet-scale redundancy by leveraging Anycast and multiple edge locations to eliminate the risk of application failure due to DNS outages or attacks. The global edge presence increases DNS performance by directing clients to the nearest location to answer your domain’s DNS queries.

Here are a few key benefits you can realize by using Cloud DNS:

Drive automation and DevOps integration using APIs: Our RESTful declarative API provides streamlined integration with your existing CI/CD toolsets.

Global availability: The service is built on a worldwide Anycast network to provide highly available and responsive DNS in any location with built in DNS-based DDoS protection.

Instant scalability: The service automatically scales to respond to large query volumes without manual intervention. Dynamic auto-scaling allows enterprises to handle sudden surges in demand instantly.

Support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments: F5 Cloud DNS – Primary DNS Service supports applications hosted on any public cloud or on-premises environment.

Getting Started

You can quickly provision and configure DNS services within a few clicks using our Portal, begin responding to queries within minutes of activation, or learn more about configuring your first Primary DNS zone.

Cloud DNS offers several pricing tiers intended for different use cases. Customers who have been using the Public Preview will automatically be upgraded to the generally available version and will receive charges according to our pricing documentation.

Get started today by taking advantage of our Cloud DNS free tier offering, and you can see how F5 Cloud Services offerings boost your applications’ performance and manageability.