Manage Risk with Security and Fraud Teams Collaboration


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Business leaders recognize that convergence between security and fraud teams is the best weapon against financial crime.

Increased collaboration improves risk management and customer outcomes.

By establishing an integrated model and fusion center between security and fraud teams, financial institutions (FIs) can create an ecosystem of shared tools with proactive and preventative intelligence that mitigates financial crime and allows customers to transact seamlessly.

This strategy of synergy has numerous tactical and cultural challenges but is a critical investment for FIs to compete in a dynamic business climate.

Deter Financial Crime With a Holistic and Unified Approach

Bot defense

Maintain efficacy as attackers retool their targets and techniques

Authentication intelligence

Securely reduce friction to improve customer experience and maximize revenue

Account protection

Monitor financial transactions for truth and intent to prevent fraud

Deploy to fit your needs

F5 fits into your existing infrastructure

F5 in Action

Learn how F5 defeated account takeover and fraud while improving the customer experience to save tens of millions of dollars for financial institutions.

Global Financial Services


F5 Helps a Global Financial Services Company Cut User Friction and Grow Revenue

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Shape digital bank case study


F5 Helps a Digital Bank Detect 177% More Fraud Than Existing Fraud Solutions

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Read the Aite Report to Learn New Strategies to Minimize Fraud Loss

Organizational silos allow criminals to exploit the seams between security and fraud teams to commit fraud—damaging CX and revenue. Learn how the journey to convergence between security and fraud starts with collaboration.

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