Principles for Multi-Cloud Success



Five factors that drive efficient, secure cloud deployments

Enticed by the promises of the cloud, businesses of all sizes are racing toward digital transformation. But if the speed of innovation outpaces planning, it can introduce a host of operational challenges to your application portfolio.

This eBook reviews five principles you can use to create multi-cloud success and accelerate business innovation in multiple areas.

  1. Standardize. Improve deployment, management, and reliability of applications through standardization.
  2. Automate and integrate. Don’t just automate what you have; automate what your business requires.
  3. Embrace abstraction. Find the right level of abstraction to reduce complexity and increase efficiency.
  4. Increase visibility. Deploy an analytics solution that gets the right actionable information to the right people.
  5. Reimagine what’s possible. Don’t let a retrofit mindset obscure a chance to innovate.

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