Global State of Open Finance


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With the massive growth in ecommerce, smartphone, and digital adoption, customers today need easy-to-access, fast, and secure financial services. Open finance allows people to share their financial data with other companies, which then build services tailored to each customer. This eBook provides a perspective on the $7.2 trillion opportunity offered by open finance, as well as the specific areas that are ripe for growth.

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The evolution of open finance and its key market initiatives: Banking as a Service (BaaS), embedded finance, and data monetization.

Where your country lies on the open finance maturity index.

The eight imperatives for successful implementation of open finance.

VIDEO: Open Banking

Banking and financial services organizations that invest properly in open banking can outmaneuver the competition while strengthening protection against complex digital attacks. F5's open banking solutions enable you to effectively deliver, manage, and secure APIs and the infrastructure used to host them regardless of cloud or architecture—while confidently navigating regulatory and compliance requirements.