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F5 is committed to ensuring the security of our products and our network

Published May 09, 2019

As you are probably aware, F5 has completed the acquisition of NGINX and as of May 9, 2019, NGINX is now part of F5. We want to assure our customers that F5 is committed to the security of our products and our network and we have taken the following steps:

  • As part of our M&A due diligence process, we reviewed Penetration Tests and Code Reviews and ensured critical and high-risk vulnerabilities were mitigated
  • We are not allowing access to our network or product code from any untrusted endpoint
  • We will not connect the networks until we perform the following assessments and complete remediation
    • Third-party penetration tests (network and application)
    • Vulnerability scanning and remediation
    • Code reviews
    • Third-party security reviews

To learn more about the NGINX acquisition, visit www.f5.com/NGINX.